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Twix Tank Dress Category: Fashion/Costumes

Product: Twix Tank Dress

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Description: Have yourself a delightful treat to satisfy your chocolate cravings! A certified head-turner at the party! This Twix Tank Dress sweetly indulge in sleek tank-style mini sleeveless dress featuring a huge Twix candy bar print in front that makes you look like a delectable candy bar. Twix Tank Dress includes:


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Musketeer Category: Fashion/Costumes

Product: Musketeer

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Description: The Musketeer wears a short red sexy dress with a lion emblem on the chest, shiny gold trims on edges, and a black velvet hat with lace accents and matching gold trims. The sassy costume includes:

* dress

* hat.

This alluring Musketeer costume will absolutely distract the enemies for a victorious battle.

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